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2008 News

Post Season Update
Wedsday - November 12, 2008

Now that the 2008 race season is over , Some of you are wondering what's up at Winslow Motorsports. Were preparing for the 2009 race season & moving up to a Nascar Late Model Stock Car. We hope to be racing at "America's hometown track" South Boston Speedway in Virginia. To do this the team needs more funds to afford the rising cost from LLM to LMSC which is about $1100 per race. The 22 Bullets & Eric are searching for sponsors for the 2009 season & we hope to race a full season at South Boston Speedway. So stay tuned to for updates during the off season or E mail the team at
The Last Race Of The Year
Wedsday - October 29, 2008
It was a chilly morning when Winslow Motorsports pulled out at 6:30 Sunday morning heading to Jacksonville for the last race of the year. Arriving at the track early to get some practice since we hadn't run the new engine. By noon lots of friends and family had arrived and it was a festive atmosphere. Time to qualify and Eric is 3rd. Green flag flies and Eric passes 97 for 2nd place quickly. But on lap 9, 97 and Eric get together. Caution flag flies, Eric has a flat left rear, the 22 bullets changed the tire and sent him back out. Eric is sent to the rear for the restart. Green flag flies and Eric heads up to the front. The #71 decides he wants Eric real estate and 71 spins. Eric is sent to the rear AGAIN! Green flag flies and Eric heads to the front, passing on the inside and outside before you know it he's in 3rd place racing 97 for 2nd and then there's an altercation between Eric and 97. But this time Eric is not sent to the rear. 97 was given 2nd place, Eric back to 3rd. Six laps to go Eric quickly passed the 97 for 2nd place. 97 got the championship by 2 points. We at Winslow Motorsports would like to thank the 22 Bullets, the kids that worked hard all year, they kept the car race ready and had alot of fun doing it. Thanks to all their parents, the sponsors and the fans. The fans have been awesome. It has been so nice to meet you all and we thank you for all your support. It makes us feel so good to see you all cheering us on every week. It's been a great year with lots of laughts and life long memories And in Eric's words, this team is #1
Just Another Day on The Farm
Tuesday - October 7, 2008
Getting close to the end of the season, with most of the crew intact Eric was hyped and ready to go. He went out and practiced better than we have all year, until the 5th lap on the second practice the motor blew and we thought we were done for the night. Donald and Brian Chase offered to let Eric drive their car so he would still have a chance at the championship. With both crews working hard we got our tires and setup on the 08 car in an hour, managed to make qualifying and ended up qualifying 3rd out of a 10 car field. Finally, the green flag flew; 97 took the lead, 44 fell into second while Eric and the 6 car raced side by side until Eric took 3rd place. With a couple more cautions and close racing Eric finished second in the 08 car.
**Special thanks to the Chase Racing team, Burns Racing, and all the other competitors who showed there support this Sat night.
Two Races Left
Sunday - September 21, 2008
The whole crew (with the exception of Crissy and Bryan) were MIA at the track sat. night so we had to recruit Joshua VanWinkle. Eric qualified outside pole, had a bad tire, and finished second.
From Last To Second
Sunday - August 31, 2008
Eric has a tough week, after being sick and wondering if he'd be able to race, he drove one of his best races to date. He had a motor problem in the first practice, the second practice went well and things were looking up. When Eric went out to qualify the car was very loose and he was 6th in a 12 car field. After determining a tire problem and consulting with his crew they decided to change the right side tires. In doing so he would start the race in last place. When the green flag flew Eric began his chase to the front. By lap 13 he was up to 6th place, when the caution came out. He continued to the front and was in 2nd place when the checkered flag flew. Great run from last place to second, he continues to lead the points with 4 races left in the season.
In his post race interview he congratulated Rusty Daniels on his win and Dustin Turnage on another fun side by side race.
Eric Winslow T-shirts will be available in the near future
Winslow Wins 3 in a Row
Sunday - August 16, 2008
Scotland Neck, NC Eric made history Saturday night, becoming the first driver to win 3 in a row at Coastal Plains Raceway Park. After starting on the outside pole, Eric raced head to head and door to door with the pole sitter and eventual runner up Dustin Turnage. Another stellar performance by the two "Hottest Dogs" at CPRP. After a 3 hour post race inspection and thorough engine "tear-down", we were declared legal, which is how we race.
Eric Wins Again
Sunday - August 3rd, 2008
Scotland Neck, NC Eric qualified outside pole, Dustin Turnage got the pole. When the green flag flew Turnage took the lead and Eric settled into second. Caution came out around lap 30 and when the race restarted Eric and Dustin ran side by side for 8 laps. Eric took the lead and the checkered on lap 50, and we went home with another trophy.
A Win
Sunday - July 27th, 2008 Scotland Neck, NC- Eric and his family retired to the corporate retreat after the rainout last week for some fun and relaxation. But a phone call on thursday cut it short. Coastal Plains had a rule change so Eric, Crissy, and Ernest rushed home to make the changes. We arrived at the track ready to race and discovered a problem with the starter and also needed to change a rear end gear. Thanks to Dustin Turnage loaning us a starter and Brandon Hobbs for helping with the gear we were ready to go again. The team worked delegently to get the car ready for qualifying. Eric qualified on the pole, and lead every lap from green to checkered, winning his first race in limited late model. He is very thankful to all that helped and was happy that Stroud Real Estate was there to join in the fun. After a long night in tech we came home with the trophy.
Rain Out
Wednesday - July 23th, 2008
Scotland Neck, NC - Coastal Plains has added Saturday, July 26th to our schedule to make up for the July 19th rain out.Come out and Support Eric. Grandstands open at 5:00 and racing starts at 7:30. General Admission $10.00 Children under 12 FREE
Wild Night In Jacksonville
Monday - July 14th, 2008
Scotland Neck, NC - Eric and the crew had an adventure in Jacksonville Saturday Night. Eric got a bad set of tires and was loose in qualifying, ended up 8th out of 15. So he got another tire for the race and things were looking up. Then the valve gasket problem. Green flag and the car is good. Lap 5 caution, Eric has the wreck cleared, gets hit from behind and pushed into it. The crew removes both fenders and sends him back. Then the overheating starts. The crew works hard during multiple pit stops to get the water in the car, the windshield clean and Eric back out. Lap 29 Eric decided the race was over. He parked the car to save the engine. Finished 10th. Bryan,John,Winslow, Ernest,Daddy Bobby, Chrissy and Grammy worked very hard and did a great job taking care of the many problems. Going to be a busy week and Saturdays coming fast and we'll be back!!!
Eric qualifies on the pole
Sunday - June 22th, 2008
Scotland Neck, NC - Eric Winslow was shining bright, even though the UARA stars of late model racing were in the house. After a tow truck disaster, Bryan and Crissy came to the rescue, the car finally arrived and Eric qualified on the pole in the 15 car field. He led until a mid-race caution finishing second and securing his point lead. Winslow made it back from Margaritaville, but Tripp and Moody are still MIA. If spotted, please contact
Eric takes the points lead
Sunday - June 8th, 2008
Scotland Neck, NC While John Moody was sleeping under the stars at Virginia International Raceway, Tripp Peele was playing at Disney Land, and Winslow Holt was wasting away in Margaritaville, Eric and Bryan were sweating it out at Jacksonville. Eric qualified 2nd out of a 13 car field, Dustin Turnage on the pole. Having one of the best runs we have had in the Limited Late Models, pressuring Dustin for the lead lap 44 out of 50, Eric went low, Dustin high and in turn 4 the back end of Eric's car broke out and he spun. When they lined back up, Eric took the 9th position. Green flag flew and with only 6 laps to go Eric managed to pass four cars coming home with a 4th place finish and points lead at Coastal Plains Raceway. Great racing!!
Hot night in Jacksonville
Sunday - May 31th, 2008
Scotland Neck, NC Eric qualified 3rd in a field of 12 cars. An altercation on lap 1 left the right side wrinkled up but it didnt slow him down. He came home with another 3rd place finish.
Time Off
Monday - May 26th, 2008
Scotland Neck, NC Eric took the weekend off to get geared up for the up and coming race at Coastal Plains Raceway in Jacksonville NC this coming up weekend.
Down South
Sunday - May 18th, 2008
Scotland Neck, NC Eric took a trip down south to Coastal Plains Raceway Park for his 3rd Limited Late Model race. He qualified 3rd out of a 14 car field. With a few laps left in the 50 laper he pancaked the right side of the car in some hard racing. And ended up in tech with a 3rd place finish!!
Fight Till The End
Sunday - May 11th, 2008
Scotland Neck, NC Eric Winslow made his presence known Saturday night. He qualified 6th out of 10 cars. He got to fourth place on lap 16 . With 20 laps to go, his tires gave up and he was extremely side ways though every turn from then on. What a show!!!
5th Place For First LLM Race
Sunday - April 26th, 2008
Scotland Neck, NC After Starting in the rear of the pack for his first Limited Late Model Race Eric managed to finish 5th in the 70 lap event. Eric was excited with his finish and is ready for the next race.